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Propelled Into Purpose
The Acceleration is On!

New dates to be announced soon! 


Our Vision

Every interaction--an opportunity to be salt and light.

Here's the deal: God has chosen each one of us since birth for a special assignment. It's not by chance you are here. You were created on purpose for one mission--you are to be a carrier of the Glory of God to the places and people.  God has assigned for you to reach.  And here's the great part! God is ready to propel you from a seated position into a running position--directly into your destiny! 




Rev. Marty Blackwelder | Blackwelder Ministries

Joe Dillard has been a friend of mine for many years and has been a tremendous asset to me personally and professionally. I have observed Joe’s effectiveness and consistency in life, family, ministry and business. Joe has a unique ability to connect with people on many levels. It is with great confidence that I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Joe Dillard and Propel Ministries as I am confident that anyone who would attend events associated with Propel Ministries would be blessed and impacted in a powerful and positive way. 





Get to know the Dillards.

Joe and Carrie Dillard are passionate about seeing people's lives changed by the power of God. They have a desire to help men and women discover their God-given purpose and fulfill their destiny.